Cheyenne, WY

Client: Granite Peak

AVI has performed planning, surveying, platting, and infrastructure design for the 4,100-acre Swan Ranch development; in addition, AVI has developed several site plans for clients within the rail park. AVI designed the master overlot grading and drainage plans for the Swan Ranch development. The Swan Ranch Rail Park Project consisted of planning, surveying, and engineering for a 4,000 acre industrial park with railroad access.

Design included 2.6 million cubic yards of overlot grading, detention pond facilities, 13,500 feet of roadway design, intersection layouts, and 18,400 feet of rail layout for BNSF, 25,000 feet of sanitary sewer design, 18,000 of water main design, and 500,000 gallon water tank for fire protection. Project is currently under construction and expected finish spring of 2015. AVI provided the planning and documents needed in obtaining three million dollars in Wyoming Business Grants and over 5 million dollars in IRP (Industrial Rail Program) for the park.


They were particularly good working with the contractors. The skillset of the group was particularly strong with civil engineering and road/drainage designs, but not quite as strong in natural channel design principles. – Luke Schultz – Coal Creek Sediment Reduction and Bank Stabilization



Luke Schultz – Coal Creek Sediment Reduction and Bank Stabilization

AVI personnel working on this project have provided excellent service and good responsiveness. Very much team players and valuable as resources.

Marcia Murdock, AML Project Manager

AVI completed a very good report, detailing multiple surfacing options and developed cost estimates for each option — good job!

Kevin Stogsdill, PE-WYDOT Interstate 80 RECON

I was very impressed by the timely efforts including straightening out the problem R/W survey that had stalled the project for years.

Dan Lyons, PE-WYDOT Veteran Road

AVI is one of our best consultants. They have proven they can handle multiple projects at one time. WYDOT would be hard pressed to give AVI a project they could not handle.

Cliff Spoonemore, PE-WYDOT Snowy Range Road