AVI’s eight principals bring their 165 years of combined engineering excellence and experience to the table to ensure project success. They are seasoned engineers who approach every project with a project owner’s mindset. From vetting designs, plans and surveys, to closely monitoring project progress, to ensuring the implementation of the most efficient and cost-effective means to complete a project on time, on budget and on spec, AVI’s leadership team delivers successful engineering solutions every time.


Brad Emmons,

Brad began working at AVI in 2006 and earned his professional planner certification in 2009.


Tom Kent,

Tom became an engineer in 1996 and he has spent his entire professional career at AVI.


Adam Deschler,

Adam was certified as a registered land surveyor in 2003 and he joined AVI in 2010.


Tristan Cordier,

Tristan started his career at AVI in 2012 and earned his professional licensure in 2016. He joined the ownership group in 2018 and is now a Principal and Project Manager.


Trey Rinne,

Trey started his engineering career with AVI in 2013 and joined the ownership group in 2020.


Christine Johnson,

Christine has been with AVI since 2005, obtained her professional license in 2008 and joined the ownership group in 2020.


Blane Cowley,

Blane Cowley, PE began his career with AVI in 2019, obtained his professional licensure in 2023, and joined ownership in 2024.


Mark Christensen,

Mark Christensen began working as a planner in 2017 and earned his professional planner certification in 2021. He joined AVI as a partner in 2024.


Senior Project Managers


Bruce Perryman,

An engineer and surveyor with more than 30 years experience, Bruce has been with AVI since 1983.


Scott Cowley,

Scott has been an engineer since 1986. He joined AVI in 1996.



Our experienced multi-disciplinary teams include more than 30 engineers, surveyors, planners and technical support personnel who follow best practices and employ cutting-edge software and the most sophisticated technology available to successfully execute even the most complex projects.

Our Services

We specialize in the successful planning and execution of complex infrastructure and environmental projects that cross civil engineering sub-disciplines and require the highest levels of knowledge, skill and experience. Our expertise crosses many industry segments. But our full-service ability to help clients successfully navigate the entire process, from the planning stage through project completion, and even post-construction management, is what makes us special.




Construction Management

Owner’s Representation

Areas of Expertise



Public Works

Public Works

Surveying, Land Planning & Development

Surveying, Land Planning
& Development

Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities

Mine Land Reclamation

Mine Land Reclamation

Energy Services

Energy Services


Our transportation planning, engineering and design services focus on balancing the requirements for safety, aesthetics. environmental sensitivity and overall functionality with the needs of all stakeholders, including project owners, motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and nearby businesses and residents.

  • Route location
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Right-of-way engineering
  • Roadway design
  • Bridge design
  • Photo-control
  • 3D digital terrain modeling
  • Hydraulic analysis
See Our Transportation Work

Public Works

Public works projects often present special challenges in terms of the complexity of regulatory requirements to be met, legal liability concerns and the need to ensure that the stakeholding public is adequately informed about a project’s impact. Our decades of experience providing design and construction management services and Master Plan Development for numerous counties and municipalities throughout Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region has made us experts at addressing those challenges successfully.

  • Water distribution
  • Water treatment
  • Sewage collection
  • Sewage treatment
  • Storm water management
  • Roadway construction
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Surveying, Land Planning and Development

Surveying, Land Planning and Development is a complex process comprised of many specialized areas of expertise, including platting and zoning, obtaining variances, conducting environmental impact, master planning and transportation studies, cost estimating and project design. Our in-house planning capabilities and years of experience in surveying, planning, and development make AVI unique among engineering firms.

  • Urban and rural subdivisions
  • Condominium and townhouse projects
  • Commercial and industrial site plans
  • Master planning
  • Sports complexes
  • Business parks
  • Construction Management
See Our Surveying, Land Planning, and Development Work

Recreational Facilities

Well-designed recreational facilities enhance quality of life, help build healthier communities and provide opportunities for people to interact. They must be aesthetically pleasing, able to accommodate the needs of a wide range of individuals and adhere to local, state and federal environmental regulations. We keep these and other considerations in mind throughout the design, build and construction management phases of every recreational project we tackle.

  • Parks
  • Greenways
  • Boating infrastructure
  • Baseball, softball and soccer complexes
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Mine Land Reclamation

Addressing the hazards and potential environmental problems associated with abandoned mines is a specialty that we find particularly rewarding. We have been extensively involved with the investigation, design and construction of mine land reclamation projects throughout the state of Wyoming and in Utah, as well. Our work at the Red Boy Mine in Wyoming was recognized for excellence by the Wyoming Engineering Society and the Silver Reef Project in Utah and the Shirley Basin Uranium District Reclamation Project in Wyoming were both named OSM Reclamation Project of the Year by the Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement.

  • Abandoned mine site inventory and mapping
  • Permitting
  • Investigation, design and management of mine reclamation projects
  • Construction Management
See Our Mine Land Reclamation Work

Energy Services

Through many different types of energy related projects, AVI understands the need and different requirements of energy companies.

  • Wind Farms
  • Pipelines
  • Power plants
  • Drill sites
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