Primrose Retirement Communities Site Plan

Cheyenne, WY

AVI provided site plan design and civil engineering for the Primrose Assisted Living and Senior Housing project at 1530 Dorothy Lane (http://avipc.com/index.php/primrose/)  Grading design was very challenging on this site as the site sites on the edge of a hill and already constructed roadways and drainage pons.  The goal was to provide the flat areas the footprint required by Primrose and keep the adjoining grades at percentages that feel comfortable for outdoor recreation by seniors while limiting the amount of retaining walls.  There also was additional public outreach with this project as it is at the edge of the urban boundary and bordered by county on two sides.


AVI personnel working on this project have provided excellent service and good responsiveness. Very much team players and valuable as resources.

Marcia Murdock, AML Project Manager

AVI completed a very good report, detailing multiple surfacing options and developed cost estimates for each option — good job!

Kevin Stogsdill, PE-WYDOT Interstate 80 RECON

I was very impressed by the timely efforts including straightening out the problem R/W survey that had stalled the project for years.

Dan Lyons, PE-WYDOT Veteran Road

AVI is one of our best consultants. They have proven they can handle multiple projects at one time. WYDOT would be hard pressed to give AVI a project they could not handle.

Cliff Spoonemore, PE-WYDOT Snowy Range Road

I was impressed with your knowledge of the reporting requirements and processes, as well as how well you prepared for the pre-bid meeting and pre-construction meeting.

– Mark Donner P.E., Natural Resources Team Leader/Project Manager, Trihydro Corporation